Greek wine meets the world market!

Running jointly with the 2nd FOOD EXPO GREECE, the 1st OENOTELIA will be hosted at METROPOLITAN EXPO in extremely appealing and functional stands. Oenotelia, which is held under the auspices of the Greek Wine Federation, is a strictly professional exhibition, aimed at entrepreneurs and executives of Organised Retail, Wine and Spirits Wholesale, Hospitality and Foodservice. The exhibitors of Oenotelia will be comprised of Greek wine and spirits producers and commercial entrepreneurs, as well as wine making equipment and technologies businesses. The strategic planning and coordination of the Oenotelia initiative is in the hands of a five member steering commitee composed of institutional representatives and renowned professionals of the Greek wine market.

Tens of thousands of food professionals from Organised Retail (supermarkets, liquor stores, convenience stores etc.), Wholesale and Foodservice (hospitality, restaurants, catering, attend FOOD EXPO GREECE. The dual mounting of the exhibitions will be the cause of vast synergies, since Oenotelia wine exhibitors will thus be presented with the opportunity to establish contacts with FOOD EXPO attendees, most of whom are major purchase decision makers for their respective products.

Innovative Parallel Events
Throughout the duration of the exhibition, wine tastings, wine list recommendations, wine pairing seminars, as well as a multitude of wine education events will provide the stage through which Greek wines will be introduced and promoted to Oenotelia visitors.

For more information, please contact the organizing company FORUM SA, tel: +30 2105242100, email: