OENOTELIA Digital offers numerous commercial benefits

Through its digital form, Oenotelia 2021 will be the premier online trade event for the Greek wine & spirits market.

The largest and most significant sector companies will participate in the trade show as exhibitors, on June 14-18, 2021 while 1,000 B2B meetings are expected to be held online by wine buyers with exhibitors through the platform, thus increasing the chances of successful trade agreements.

Exclusively in digital format

The digital version of Oenotelia 2021 will offer Greek visitors and international wine traders the possibility of a unique interactive experience. The digital exhibition will be held through a custom made interactive online platform launched this year by FORUM SA. Its goal is to bring the exhibitors of Oenotelia Digital 2021 in contact with thousands of international wine importers.

The commercial benefits of the digital trade show

The digital exhibition will give to Oenotelia 2021 exhibitors the opportunity to create a personalized profile of their business, where their products will be showcased with photos and videos. They will also be able to hold pre-arranged one-on-one meetings with key wine buyers from all over the world, and network with them.

At the same time, through the digital platform, international wine traders will be given the chance to go through the Greek exhibitors’ profiles, as well as get to know an extensive range of local products. Furthermore, they will be able to schedule one-on-one meetings via chat or video call with exhibitors during the course of the trade show.