OENOTELIA 2021 will open channels to international markets

Confirming its character as a truly international exhibition of wines & spirits, OENOTELIA 2021 will bring together all the wine professionals of the domestic market with dozens of important buyers from abroad.

A significant number of wine and spirits producing and marketing enterprises from every traditional grape-growing region are expected to participate in OENOTELIA 2021, presenting a panorama of the Greek vineyards along with selected imported labels from Europe and the rest of the world. Both Greek and foreign visitors will thus be able to get an overview of the Greek vineyard and look for those labels that fit their businesses and their target audience.

IMG 6299 550x400 - OENOTELIA 2021 will open channels to international markets - news
DSC01399 550x400 - OENOTELIA 2021 will open channels to international markets - news

Important international wine buyers

By demonstrating the exceptional quality, uniqueness and authentic character of Greek wines and utilizing the growing interest of international markets for indigenous grape varieties, the exhibition will carry out for the sixth consecutive year a very active program to attract and host key wine importers from abroad. These buyers will have scheduled meetings with the exhibitors, both at their stands and in the specially designed b2b meeting halls.

The American, European and Asian wine buyers that will participate in the exhibition hosting plan will have the opportunity to discover the quality, range and unique character of Greek wines offered for tasting at the exhibitors’ stands. From the b2b meetings that will take place during the exhibition, it is sure that major commercial agreements will be concluded opening new channels, for the Greek producers, linking them with major target markets abroad.

The trade show welcomes for the first time … digital int’ visitors

From May 29 to June 1, 2021, the first hybrid trade show in Greece will give the opportunity to a great number of companies from all across the world to showcase their products and services to thousands of important international food traders, who will not be able to travel- and conclude significant agreements.

Through the B2B Platform, international wine traders will be given the chance to go through the exhibitors’ profiles, as well as get to know an extensive range of Greek and international products and services. Finally, they will be able to schedule one-to-one meetings via chat or video call with exhibitors during the course of the trade show.