Significant benefits from hosting it in parallel with FOOD EXPO

The parallel events of OENOTELIA and FOOD EXPO 2021 will demonstrate, for once again, the resulting significant collaborations and multiple benefits for the exhibitors as well as the visitors.

The Greek and foreign buyers who will visit the two exhibitions during the four-day event of 29 May – 1st June 2021 will gain a comprehensive, overall picture of both the gastronomic and wine richness of Greece and the Mediterranean. Thus, they will have the opportunity, in just one visit, to look for all the products they are interested in investing in and to set, with the exhibitors, the basis for new commercial agreements. For the wine-producing enterprises, the parallel hosting of the two exhibitions allows them to come in contact with tens of thousands of Greek professionals as well as important international buyers. Especially for small- and medium-sized wineries and distilleries, their participation in OENOTELIA 2021 will prove to be a unique opportunity to expand their presence in the internal market and at the same time to significantly enhance their international orientation.

Furthermore, through the FOOD EXPO B2B Platform, international food and beverage traders will be given the chance -during and after the trade show- to go through also the Oenotelia exhibitors’ profiles, as well as get to know an extensive range of Greek and international products and services. Finally, they will be able to schedule one-on-one meetings via chat or video call with exhibitors during the course of the trade show.