Targeted seminars and rich parallel events

Informative wine tasting seminars, tastings and wine journeys through the Greek vineyards will be the “main stars” of the exhibition.

Throughout the exhibition (29 May-1 June 2021), seminars will be conducted in a special hall exclusively designed for hospitality, catering and retail professionals, having as speakers well-established oenologists and experienced sommeliers and aiming at a deeper education and update on the current trends around the wine industry. The specialized oenologists and sommeliers, through a comprehensive program, will provide the attendees with useful advice, knowledge and ideas for developing and improving their businesses. At the same time, the professional visitors of the OENOTELIA 2021 exhibition will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Greek vineyard, the indigenous varieties and the modern identity of the wine brands of Greece, through the tastings that will take place at the Wine Tasting Area of the exhibition, the specially designed Tasting Square.

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IMG 6499 550x400 - Targeted seminars and rich parallel events - news

Once again, the Tasting Square on center stage

During the four days of operation of OENOTELIA, the well-organized Tasting Square will, for yet another year, be set at the “heart” of the exhibition and will bring together thousands of professionals from Greece and abroad. A total of 400 labels from all the wine regions of the country will be offered for tasting to the visitors of the exhibition, who will thus have the opportunity to get a first taste of the richness of the wine products that will be presented at OENOTELIA. Thanks to its prominent position, the massive turnout of professionals and the lively exchange of views among the visitors, the Tasting Square will offer, for yet another year, a distinct liveliness and shall be the reference point of the entire exhibition.