All the hosted  buyers that attended FOOD EXPO 2015 and OENOTELIA 2015 were impressed by the high level of organization of both the exhibitions and the remarkably large variety and top quality of Greek food, wine and spirits. Examples include statements of selected foreign buyers:

Priscila Costa Abrahao | BRAZIL
Director of Department of New Products | SOL Creta – Sol Italy
“I am attending FOOD EXPO for the second year round, and this year’s event is incomparably better than the previous. I was impressed by the organization of B2B meetings. I am absolutely satisfied with the contacts I established and the products I tasted. I must admit that I was unaware of many of the Greek varieties I encountered, and so my visit to OENOTELIA proved quite fruitful”.

Renata Constancio Cortez
Director of Imports | Super Muffato
“Greece is an interesting market because local producers have unique products on offer! FOOD EXPO and OENOTELIA gave us the opportunity to meet with many of these producers. Both exhibitions were very interesting and featured very good B2B meetings programs”.

Uwe Kalogirou
Commercial Director | Rottner FoodService
“Due to the fact that we value direct contact with medium and small-scale producers, our visit to FOOD EXPO and OENOTELIA proved extremely useful. We are genuinely interested to develop business relations with businesses we met through B2B meetings”.

Pilar Meladinis
Chief Executive | Vin du Sud Wein & Delikatessen
It was the first time that I visited FOOD EXPO and OENOTELIA and I must say that I was very pleased with the cycle of meetings and the products that I had the opportunity to try out. I was surprised by the quality of products but also by their distinguishing packaging. These are products that are received very well in Germany. We had 11 meetings with Greek businesses and we will be collaborating with 9 of them. “

Erika Gallon
Director of Sales & Marketing | Amorosso Fine Wines

“It is very important for us to meet with the actual producer and allow them to show us their work and the identity of their products themselves. I spent much time in B2B meetings and at the OENOTELIA Hall tasting mainly white wines. I attended master classes and the marvelous seminar by Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, and once again discovered the enormous variety and quality of Greek wines. I absolutely loved Limnio and Malagouzia, two unique varieties I had not tasted before. The world of wine is endless. I therefore know that by attending the next OENOTELIA I will find even more new products!”

Anil Chandhok
General Director | Chenab Impex Pvt. Ltd.

“It is my first time at FOOD EXPO and OENOTELIA and I have noted with satisfaction that they are two truly professional exhibitions with an international orientation, perfectly organized at all levels. Particularly exemplary was the organization of B2B meetings! Personally, I did not expect I would find so many exhibitors and such a large range of products. I attended a very interesting seminar on Greek wines by Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, which immensely helped in finding collaborations in the wine industry.

Peter A. Dalton
Director of Imports | Dalton Food & Wine
“I attended FOOD EXPO and OENOTELIA to try out Greek food and wines and to become acquainted with the producers. It is certain that we will form agreements with several of the businesses we met with.”

Jim Tsiboukis
 | U.S.A.
Vice president | Esteson Corp.

“The variety of products I had the opportunity to taste at FOOD EXPO and OENOTELIA was truly impressive! I am absolutely delighted by our new B2B contacts as well as by the visits I made to the pavilions of exhibitors.”

John Varvaressos
 | U.S.A.
President & CEO | Greek Boys Choice Foods Inc.
“I was utterly satisfied with my visit to FOOD EXPO and OENOTELIA, as I found exactly what I was looking for! I am confident that most of the B2B contacts we established will lead to commercial agreements. Whatever it was I was looking for, I found it here!”